Dance Dance Dance

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Haruki Murakami One man life connects Call girls, murder, love, death and capitalism.

Birdcage Walk

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by Helen Dunmore People disappear Women mainly. Written out Of life and history.

Marriage Material

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by Sathnam Sanghera Sikh Midlands romcom Meets Arnold Bennet remix. Highbrow bhangra romp.

Little Eve

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by Catriona Ward Much Scottish wyrd here Dreich, dire, family horror. Deftly handled prose.

Letters to Kevin

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by Stephen Dixon Absurdist novel Phone booths archaic And letters … how quaint!

New year, new reviews

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This year I’m going to return to book reviewing – but in haiku … Blood Relatives by Stevan Alcock Northern soul gay style Ripper victims listed too Gritty, yet heartless.

To end the year … Wollongong Short Story Prize

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      It has been a whimpery sort of year, so many great people leaving this world, so many scary ones standing centre stage upon it, superb for gathering material (as all writers are required to think of such things, apparently) and not so great for serenity, I was lucky enough to have a […]

#31 After Disasters by Viet Dinh

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Apart from having one of the best covers I have seen in recent years, Viet Dinh’s debut novel was a thoroughly enjoyable read, to me, for three reasons: It explores gay male life without explanations, without apology and without titillation The topic – aid workers and disaster recovery – is one that I know a […]

A digression on digressions …

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As far as I can tell, the only people reading this blog are other writers, which is okay, I’m reasonably fond of my own kind. But on the other hand, I’m not entirely sure how much writers care about reviews of the books of other writers. I have a pretty clear idea how they feel […]

#30 About My Mother by Tahar Ben Jelloun

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      First and foremost, I am ashamed … only my thirtieth review and I claimed I wasn’t going to take forever about these 100 reviews! However … I have been revising a complex novel which my agent is about to start sending out, and I have also written four short stories that I […]