And so to market … It seems to me, to strain a metaphor to the point that I can get this picture to illustrate it, that something many writers don’t appreciate is how much of the modern writing life is about marketing. Like the submarine, with seven-tenths below the surface, and barely a ripple above, […]

I am reconnected to the world via the umbilical cord provided by Demon, which seems to feed my entire being, not just my (many) computers with internet access. Bless you, Demon, and yah boo sucks to Orange who should sit in a corner and reflect on their appalling customer service. And … –The edits (revisions, […]

Ellen Meister resplendent! Ellen’s hilarious novel, Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA (hereafter SCAPTA) which features George Clooney, has gone into paperback and she’s currently cybertouring – I caught up with her online and posed a few questions about the success of her first novel and what comes next: Hardback to paperback is a big […]