Dissolving into words I don’t know how writing affects anybody else – but when I’m writing and it’s going well I vanish inside the piece I’m working on. It’s great, because the dialogue of my characters is more interesting than my own, and their situations are generally much more fascinating (and perilous) than mine. But […]

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Distractions from being a writer … … are numerous. Few though, are as enticing as this vixen and her four cubs. They live on an allotment site near us and are remarkably unfazed about visitors, although they have a definite flight distance and are only around in the early evening, which can make getting good […]

What writers need and what they want (again) So the things that I want are an iPhone, so that I can download the Ether Books app, not because I have stories on it (although I do) but because, having seen it, I would love to have essays and stories downloaded to my mobile that way […]