Review: Jai Clare – The Cusp of Something Jai Clare’s collection, The Cusp of Something, is a rich work, and challenging. There’s a trend at present to only publish short story collections that have a thematic (ie Jhumpa Lahiri) or chronological link. Elastic Press has bucked this trend for several years, and this is the […]

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Normal blogging will be resumed … … when I get my Protestant Work Ethic back. I think I left it in France. Actually, I’ll be wording it here on Tuesday. And p.s., the picture is so you can spot the writer!

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Up, up and away … That’s what I am. With my suitcase full of books (thanks for your excellent suggestions), Assam tea and sun lotion, I am abandoning you for a week. When I return: Jai Clare interviewed and something about a literary Apocalypse (the two are not related), and, if you’re lucky, a visit […]

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Writing, teaching, writing I wonder if other writers find that their own writing comes to a complete stop if they are teaching? Mine certainly does. I was facilitating Hove Library’s two writing groups on 5 and 12 July and from about 3 July until this morning I wrote not a work that wasn’t reports or […]

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Me and him and Hilary Mantel A writer rang me today to ask why I was giving away all these free critiques. Didn’t I know I was undermining the work of professional editors and writing teachers? Wasn’t I creating a culture of dependency on myself? And who was I, anyway, to think my comments any […]

Tough love for writers You give it, and you get it. Since Saturday’s group meeting I’ve given tough love (otherwise known as harsh critique) to three writers – two of whom sucked it up with great grit and thanked me. Haven’t heard back from the third yet! And I’ve got it. My screenplay is being […]

I love you, you big tart! Okay, I’m showing off – but my newly found recipe for redcurrant tarts is a true joy and I do, indeed, love it. It is made from paté sucree, which is not what the English call sugar pastry but involves powdered sugar and an egg yolk, and the currants […]

In praise of the (screenplay) stepmother That’s homage to Mario Vargas Llosa, in case you weren’t sure, and the rest of the homage goes to … Mary McCluskey. Writing friends are worth more than rubies – and finding them is about as likely. I am lucky that Bunny Goodjohn is both a writer and a […]