Writer’s shock not writer’s block This is going to surprise those who know me in real life. I’m taking a week’s holiday next month! Yup. No internet, no editing, no blogging … I can’t say no writing, as I’m packing my moleskines and writing pens, but nothing with a keyboard. I’m going back to the […]

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What advice would you give to writers? That’s what somebody asked me on Sunday, and I’ve been thinking about it since then. 1. Don’t listen to advice – that’s the first thing I’d say. If I’d been given any advice before I launched into what people now call my writing ‘career’ (which makes me laugh: […]

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Wet Ink and Green and Black’s Saturday’s post brought two gems – the first a copy of Wet Ink containing my story ‘On the Cusp of Style and Failure’ and the second a Green and Black’s Organic Cereal Bar. I will freely admit I didn’t know which one to tear the wrapper off first! But […]

Novel review – Living with the Truth There’s a terrible problem that strikes any writer who tries to convey their reality to others, it’s the dilemma of qualia, or – to be less philosophical about it – the ‘thingness’ of things. Can I tell what you taste when you eat buttered toast? No. Can I […]

We interrupt our normal schedule … To tell you that 41 people turned up for the creative writing group in Hove Library today. 41! Forty-one! FORTY-ONE! That’s amazing. It also meant that five people got turned away, because we couldn’t physically fit anybody else in the room, not even standing up. And all 41 of […]

(See my bento and die from food envy: mini omelette with chive tie, mini sausages, card suit couscous, carved card suit Babybel cheese, lemon drizzle cupcake, sweets and peanuts, home-made peanut brittle (lid snack) and kiwi and apple salad …) When rejection creeps up on you and when you reject … I’m going to share […]