Review: Jai Clare – The Cusp of Something Jai Clare’s collection, The Cusp of Something, is a rich work, and challenging. There’s a trend at present to only publish short story collections that have a thematic (ie Jhumpa Lahiri) or chronological link. Elastic Press has bucked this trend for several years, and this is the […]

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Up, up and away … That’s what I am. With my suitcase full of books (thanks for your excellent suggestions), Assam tea and sun lotion, I am abandoning you for a week. When I return: Jai Clare interviewed and something about a literary Apocalypse (the two are not related), and, if you’re lucky, a visit […]

Tag, tag, tag … First, and most interestingly, the excellent Sandra Scoppettone tagged me with this exercise, which is to promote books of recent publication that might be sliding from the public eye. It was the brainchild of Patti Abbot and I think it’s a great idea. My choice is a novel by Jill Dawson, […]

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Good news Elastic Press, one of Britain’s most imaginative small publishers, has picked some winners in the past, as far as I’m concerned. Brian Howell’s collection The Sound of White Ants, and David Swann’s collection The Last Days of Johnny North are both on my bookshelf. Now they have listed Jai Clare’s The Cusp of […]