The White Tiger: A Novel by Aravind Adiga My review An excellent book and a worthy Booker winner – not to say that this isn’t unevenly written, because it is, but the sheer power of teh narrative here, exposing a side of Indian life that is seen by every visitor but rarely understood or explored, […]

What a writer has to ponder I’m sure Green Mountains Review is a great journal, and I hold no grudges for them rejecting my work but seriously, what were they thinking? Who on earth thought that the way to deal with an International Reply Coupon was to sticky tape it to the front of the […]

Writers wot I know Well actually, writers wot I don’t know. I’ve never met Charles Lambert, but over the past couple of years I feel as if I’ve got to understand him a little, and share in his publishing journey, and it’s been a real pleasure to do both. His journey has taken a whirlwind, […]

How to move on This week I taught my last session for the two Brighton and Hove writing groups: The Hatchery and Comedy of Errors. It was lovely to spend a last hour with them, and then say goodbye. But that reminded me of Alison. When I was eleven I wanted to be a ballerina […]

Could a writer get away with this scenario? Here’s the synopsis. A sea eagle and a buzzard are found dead. The police investigate and discover over 30 pieces of poisoned meat and a dead hare sprinkled with poison on a pair of Scottish estates. Backstory: the sea eagle was hatched as part of a government-funded […]

Writing, writers and humbleness I’m going to start by sending you off! Please go and read Fiona’s excellent account of why it’s sometimes important to spend more than necessary – it’s here: Cottage Smallholder. Okay, so what have Tesco’s mushrooms got to do with frugal writers? Very simply, sometimes making the investment in your writing […]

Burlesque – more fun than sex? Well no, not exactly, but definitely a lot of fun. I’ve never read as Carmel before and probably never will again, but this was the best of good causes: Burlesque Against Breast Cancer, with all the proceeds going to charity. The anthology is Ultimate Burlesque if the comments below […]