What a writer has to ponder

I’m sure Green Mountains Review is a great journal, and I hold no grudges for them rejecting my work but seriously, what were they thinking?

Who on earth thought that the way to deal with an International Reply Coupon was to sticky tape it to the front of the return envelope? And Gods below rain blessings the international mail service of two nations for taking such a generous view of the proceedings and not charging me a stiff sum for the pleasure of being turned down.

Life, sometimes you’ve got to laugh …


  1. Leatherdykeuk
    22nd November 2008

    Oh gosh! How delightful!

  2. Dave King
    26th November 2008

    And sometimes you’re entitled to cry.

  3. Kay Sexton
    28th November 2008

    Oh I never cry unless I shut my finger in the door. But I am baffled by this one, I really am. Is it possible they had never seen an IRC before?

  4. Kip de Moll
    1st December 2008

    Well, if you only saw the tiny little town of Johnson, Vermont. It’s so very close to Canada and so isolated in many ways. Not only does this little town have a very sophisticated Art School and respectable small college, there are very possibly people there (an hour from me) who have never ridden on an elevator. The cultural hipness and backwoods mixture of such little towns around here is what makes us live here with such passion and good humor.

  5. Kay Sexton
    2nd December 2008

    Kip, you may have a point – I shouldn’t be so churlish, instead I should think about how my writing (or at least my IRC) may have widened some poor intern’s horizons.

  6. Kip de Moll
    3rd December 2008

    I hope you’re sending another story and seeing if the intern can get it write this time!


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