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Day 21 – the ‘just for the love of it, day’ Stats at the bottom for checkers. Today was always going to be a horrible crunch, even before I added in a random side trip to complicate things. I knew that fitting in a run would be difficult so it worked out like this: Drive […]

What I am not doing is procrastinating Okay, I am. A bit. Although it’s less procrastination than fear that I may have entered a form of mad neurotic writing overdrive that will lead to a Back To The Future improbability that could cause the end of the world. I am writing about 2,000 words a […]

What will you do when you can’t write? It’s a question that people rarely stop to consider when they are thinking of a career as a writer. “I’ve always wanted to write,” they say and, “It’s been my dream since I can remember.” All well and good. But there will be plenty of times, some […]