What happens to you when you write? I’ll tell you what happens to me when I start to write a piece of long fiction (novel/novella/play) as long as you promise not to laugh (or at least, not to laugh where I can hear you). The first thing is I start to dream as if I […]

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Notebooks … Just before I head off for the latest reading for Two Tall Tales and One Short Novel, I wanted to sing the praises of notebooks. Not snazzy little laptop computers, but the real deal. Paper – and pens. One of the things that we may be about to lose, unless we’re Will Self […]

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Thirty minutes, mark the page I once knew a journalist who taught me the one thing that has been the most value to me in my writing career. He didn’t know he was instructing a future writer – at the time I was a barmaid and he drank every day in the pub I worked […]