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Paul Campbell – he writes EastEnders! I’ve only met Paul once, and then exchanged a couple of workshop reviews with him, but that counts as friendship, in the arms-distance world of writing. And, despite my Archers addiction, I don’t watch TV soaps – but when it’s one of your own it’s different. Paul Campbell wrote […]

The insatiable desire to peer through windows … Over the past five years, I’ve come to pride myself on my instinct about fiction writers. I can’t tell who’s going to be a best seller or a dud, but what I can tell, with a reasonable degree of certainty, is which writers will be around in […]

Reading worries Yes, I’ve gone very quiet. No, I haven’t died, nor won the lottery. Actually I’ve had migraine. For some reason as yet unclear, I get sequential migraine – three in a row, a day or a day and a half apart, which wipes me out for a week or so. Weird. Anyway, apart […]

What a weekend! I love it when days become wholly writerly – and that can be days when I have the house to myself and nothing happens but total immersion in the current novel or short story so that I drift around, leaving cups of tea to get cold in unlikely places as I scribble […]