#10 Life In, Life Out by Avital Gad-Cykman

#10 Life In, Life Out by Avital Gad-Cykman

As I was working on this review, I took a break to share a YouTube video of Lars Andersen demolishing Hollywood archery myths. I love that kind of thing – the nerd in me is enchanted by primary research, by monastic dedication to debunking falsehood and destroying comfort zones. I love ‘guy’ things like pull […]

Snow interrupts play Or rather, it interrupts work. I have just finished writing a commissioned erotica (paradoxically, featuring a parasol and a tropical waterslide, very inapposite to the snow outside) and spent several days turning over a pile of short stories, deciding what to send where. It’s a thankless bloody task, as any writer will […]

If you want to get published – DON’T read on … Sigh. It’s slush time. Yet another reader has reneged on her promise and a pile of short stories have just arrived on my desk instead of hers. For an absolutely miniscule fee, I have eight days to sort them into four piles: Forget it […]

If you want to be a writer … Sometimes you have to take it on the chin. Today I got my complimentary copy of an anthology I’ve got a story in. My name is spelt wrongly in the contents list. It could be worse, it could be wrong in the story footer and the biographical […]

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This is the cover photograph for the latest edition of Lichen, Canada, on the theme of ‘haunts’ and I’m proud to have one of the short stories from my Chinese residency – Peephole – published in it. I’m very pleased too, to be keeping company with that fine writer and good companion, Brian Reynolds, who […]