February is another month and I’m not committed to running every day! Oddly enough, the one thing I really want to do every day when I should be writing, is run, when a few weeks ago the one thing I wanted to be doing was everything except running. Still, I did run today – 4 […]

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Day 16 Long Ralk with lunch in prospect Stats at the bottom for janathon checker-person who should get double-karma-blessings for working on a Sunday. Today was a run-walk (a ralk, in our house) with @pinkyandnobrain. Also lunch. When I woke up it wasn’t raining. When I walked the dog it still wasn’t raining! I was […]

Where to begin? There was a time when I had things to blog about all the time – now, just when I know that I should be building my ‘platform’ (which my mind insists on translating to ‘scaffold’) I have almost nothing of interest to say. The thing is, I no longer ruminate on the […]