February is another month and I’m not committed to running every day! Oddly enough, the one thing I really want to do every day when I should be writing, is run, when a few weeks ago the one thing I wanted to be doing was everything except running.

Still, I did run today – 4 kilometres round Hove Park (twice) in a wind that was like constantly smashing yourself into a sheet of plywood, bouncing back, and trying again. Now I’m virtuous, chilled and starving.

February is going to be creative month, but I’m not going to inflict my sketches on you. Thursday is life-drawing day, two hours at lunchtime, which is marvellously liberating and sort of preparation for my graphic novel project. Friday is random craft day – today I’m making cloud brooches and every other day of the week is a 30 minute sketch day, except Sunday which is a day off.

Why am I doing this? Well first, because I found the process of Janathon to be useful in shifting some blocks – although not the block I hoped it would shift. Second, because I really need to get some visual work under my belt before my graphic novel weekend. Third, I’m the kind of writer who likes to have deadlines, tasks and rewards, even if they are self-generated.

• Currently reading: The Road Home (Rose Tremain); Any Human Face (Charles Lambert); Portrait of a Lady (Henry James) – this last for reading group purposes
• Currently sketching: pineapples and tower blocks (not together)
• Currently panicking over: my book launch (will there be one?)


  1. Found art blog
    4th February 2011

    You just reminded me. Visit http://www.robruhn.blogspot.com – she’s that Australian lady I told you about re the felting stuff. She’s in my blogs I’m following list if you just feel like clicking….!

  2. Isabel Doyle
    4th March 2011

    I am interested that you need to combine making art – ie visual, craft etc – with writing. This is an area I struggle with as I seem to be able to either paint or write but not at the same time, er … during the same period. If I am painting there seem to be no words around and if I am writing I dream about pictures that I might paint but don’t.

    Hope your book launch is successful.

  3. Kay Sexton
    4th March 2011

    Found Art, thank you!

    Isabel, it’s an interesting one – I can’t write and teach, so I have to structure my time around one activity or the other. But I can move from writing to more immediate craft activity and I find it therapeutic to do so.


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