Where do you write? As regular readers will know, I have a horror of ritualisation. The habits and processes that writers use to gear themselves up to write must be useful, not damaging, and one of the most damaging I know of is the need to be in a certain place, at a certain time, […]

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Late post … I nearly forgot for all kinds of reasons, but primarily because I’ve only just found out that my fabulous home is slightly less fabulous now. Brighton is no longer a Peace Messenger City. So what, I hear you say? And you’re right. But for those of us who worked in the Conflict […]

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Going out – it’s the new staying in For this writer, at least. I try to stay away from the strictly personal in this blog, sharing J A Konrath’s view that for a blog to be useful, it should contain personal experience only where it’s useful to the reader, but on this issue, I feel […]