Lisa McMann spills the beans I’ve ‘known’ Lisa McMann for about four years I suppose. We ‘met’, as I’ve ‘met’ so many writers, at the Zoetrope Virtual Studio and one of the first things I noticed about her was her positive nature. Writing tends to attract people who are either vulnerable or overly sensitive, in […]

I am reconnected to the world via the umbilical cord provided by Demon, which seems to feed my entire being, not just my (many) computers with internet access. Bless you, Demon, and yah boo sucks to Orange who should sit in a corner and reflect on their appalling customer service. And … –The edits (revisions, […]

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I’m on the Rosneath Peninsula, enjoying a wonderful week’s residency at Cove Park. The preeminent idea of the week is to work on editing the novel in line with the excellent suggestions I received from an agent a couple of weeks ago, and I am indeed getting that done. But I’m also spending a lot […]