What stops you writing? If you’d asked me at the end of last year, I’d have said ‘nothing’. Rather smugly in fact. I would have pointed to the times my computer fritzed out, my internet connection disappeared, I found myself in foreign places with nothing but scrap paper and pencil ends, and still wrote. How […]

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Late post … I nearly forgot for all kinds of reasons, but primarily because I’ve only just found out that my fabulous home is slightly less fabulous now. Brighton is no longer a Peace Messenger City. So what, I hear you say? And you’re right. But for those of us who worked in the Conflict […]

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Swimming with Kangaroos No, not a threat from the Australian Mafia (if there is such a thing) but an acceptance. Swimming Kangaroo Books, an Australian publisher, puts out a monthly newsletter, and has selected one of the stories from the ‘Green Thought’ project to feature in their short story slot in July. Visit them at […]