When life gives you lemons … … make lemonade. When life gives you workshoppers … workshop! Friday was an absolute blast. Yes, for those who care, I wore the red boots and the Armani red-stripe shirt. Yes, I did throw up for three days before hand, and didn’t sleep properly the whole of the previous […]

Bread and books Somebody emailed to ask if I’ve stopped making bread. Not so! The thing is, I make bread two or three times a week and one loaf looks very much like another (very much like Enid Blyton’s Famous Five novels, according to my disapproving mother when I was a girl, although I remember […]

Will books get longer in a recession?Recessionistas make predictions – skirts will be midi, lips will be redder, hair will be shorter (I’m ahead of the game there then!), eating in will be the new eating out, and books will be longer. Okay, I added that last one myself. But there’s a sense in which […]

“We interrupt this broadcast … to promote ourselves to you.” So I’ve put together a course that explains how to boost your income in troubled financial times, including ten sure-fire ways to make money from your writing skills in the short term. It also aims to help you prepare for economic recovery including such subjects […]

Grab bag of writerly thoughts – some neurotic This week I’m not organised, for reasons I am unwilling to share just now. So instead, I offer you a series of things that have been puzzling, fascinating or disturbing me during my writing week: • The hardcover issue – a mate has just been offered a […]