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Janathon Day 30 – they think it’s all over It is now. Inspired by Misty2k to do more than what I’d planned, which was a short lumber around the block but not wishing to Radcliffe, I remembered that a couple of years ago when I was training for the Bexhill 10k I worked out a […]

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Janathon Day 30 – the ouch day Today I failed to run. Well I managed .3km which hardly counts as a run (let’s not talk about how many 60 m sprints that is or Mark Lewis-Francis will start to feel tired) for a distance runner. The thing is, I woke up with three kinds of […]

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Even Mickier Run Shorter, dirtier, Mickier and Rourkier!1.2 k Had to shove this run in betweeen a meeting, coffee with lovely friends, son’s birthday present opening, and heading for cinema. Thanks Mickey …

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Day 28 – the ‘wind like a scythe day’ That’s external wind, not internal, by the way. (Stats at the bottom for the lovely Jules.) We (Rebus and I) went up to the windmill to run. The ground was frozen, which makes running slightly easier up there, when quite a lot of the year the […]

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Day 27 – another lottie runner day Stats at the bottom for lovely checkers. I ran to the allotment on the basis that when I got there I would get changed into my boots and jacket (stored there) and do some work before friends turned up to collect some mirrors and walking sticks (don’t ask!) […]

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Janathon Day 26 – another ‘running with friends’ day This is the second Wednesday I’ve run with my friend who is new to running. Sadly she had some hip pain from an old injury (could be piriformis, could a labrum problem, suggested she goes to her GP for some advice) so we walked a little […]

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Janathon success, computer fail stats – 1.89 k run computer, borked all day. First a virus, then a network adaptor problem, hence plenty of time to run, no time to work or blog. Phew. It’s. Been. A. Tough. Day. Bed. (Actually, bed with Bill Sienkiewicz. Not actually ‘with’ but with Stray Toasters, which I am […]

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Day 24 – the pulling parsnips run Another 1 k run. I am starting to feel that my runs are just being squeezed into the corners of my day, which is sad, but it just goes to prove that even if it were physically possible for me to run every day (which it’s not) then […]

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Janathon Day 23 – the ’squeezed into the day’ run Today is another day that my run got squeezed. In fact at around 6pm I thought I was going to have to declare it a non-running day. We started by going to a local garden centre to buy seed potatoes. Then to the allotment to […]

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Janathon Day 22 – Thongs and other issues Stats:• Distance 1.89 k• Time -immaterial• Weather – parky So once again I ran round Hove Park. OH got to do the bit today that I did yesterday as in I drove there so he could run at race pace down to the park, round the park […]