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Janathon Day 26 – another ‘running with friends’ day

This is the second Wednesday I’ve run with my friend who is new to running. Sadly she had some hip pain from an old injury (could be piriformis, could a labrum problem, suggested she goes to her GP for some advice) so we walked a little more this time. She enjoyed it though, and has definitely improved her overall fitness as she’s been doing some of the stretches I showed her last week and her shoulder movement is much looser and more efficient.

We managed 2k again, including a detour to play with a couple of those body weight machines that they have installed in Hove Park. They are quite good fun and for a new runner in particular, they make a great stopping point to restore breathing to rest levels.

As for me, I also have piriformis pain, but I’m doing my physio twice a day and keeping it at bay. I think I’ll need some ultrasound if I’m to get back into race training but that’s for once Janathon is over.

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