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Distractions from being a writer … … are numerous. Few though, are as enticing as this vixen and her four cubs. They live on an allotment site near us and are remarkably unfazed about visitors, although they have a definite flight distance and are only around in the early evening, which can make getting good […]

Judging books by covers and publishers by … covers Okay, so this isn’t what I was going to write about either, but as it’s been the leitmotif of the last seven days or so, it’s what’s in the front of my mind. I’ve been emailing to and fro with a writer of my acquaintance whose […]

Charles Lambert with Little Monsters I have a particular yen for reading books about one place when I’m in another, very different one. I read The God of Small Things in Rekjavik, and The Bear Comes Home in Kerala (I refused to read Roy’s book while I was in her home state and it was […]

Talking to Sally Hinchcliffe Today is a rare experience – I’ve interviewed an author whom I actually have met! Sally Hinchliffe, who used to work at Kew Botanic Gardens(one of my favourite places) turned up at a reading – not to see me particularly, but we got to talking, found we had much in common, […]