Burlesque – more fun than sex? Well no, not exactly, but definitely a lot of fun. I’ve never read as Carmel before and probably never will again, but this was the best of good causes: Burlesque Against Breast Cancer, with all the proceeds going to charity. The anthology is Ultimate Burlesque if the comments below […]

My last post brought such excellent comments that I’m going to revisit it briefly, before moving on. Vanessa raised the question of whether we look at books as readers or writers, when we are asked to review them, and it’s an important, possibly crucial, point. What a reader wants from a book may be very […]

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Reading for writing I’m involved in a number of discussions, in a number of forums, about the value of reading for writers – and my views on this are vehement. Let me put it this way: if a writer tells me they ‘don’t read’ I’m immediately suspicious of their writing commitment. This is not to […]

Rough Love I’ve just been over on Goodreads and that, in combination with a book I’ve picked up, has exercised my mind no end. The subject being discussed at Goodreads (join up if you haven’t already – it’s wonderful) is how you treat your books. Well, I treat mine bad, and they stick around … […]