Why writers need technology Here’s the thing – I’ve had a story published! Yippee and all that. Well, more than one story actually. I’m tempted to use the term several in relation to the number, which is something that as a beginning writer I could never have imagined. Who could ever say, airily, ‘Oh, I’ve […]

Is the Eyjafjallajokull eruption my fault? Well, not mine. The fault of the Sunday Times short story competition judges, in fact. Seriously, a friend of mine, I’ll call her Ursula, because that will make her laugh, thinks it may be true. Ursula is … let’s say she has a different world view to me. Hers […]

Judge, so that ye can be judged … But only in the literary sense. This week I’m reading the entries for the West Sussex Writers’ Club ‘opening scenes of a romantic novel’ competition. It’s an interesting spread of entries with very different approaches and I’ve chosen to pick out several areas to compare and contrast […]

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This is not a blog post Because there are some things you cannot do well if you’re tired and writing is one of them, or at least if you’re me, you can’t. As to why I’m tired, my OH has a recurrence of cluster headaches. If you don’t know the condition I won’t bore you […]

Reading and writingMy mate James Burt, recently returned from India, posted a thought-provoking blog here – The Polysyllabic Spree which does raise a lot of questions. What do we want reading to be? That’s reading, the solitary activity, not reading the berkshire town as written by an inveterate texter, by the way. Well it’s a […]