The Book and The Rose Well, I think we were an outrageous success! My thanks go to the brave readers from The Hatchery and Comedy of Errors, who took on one of Brighton’s most popular city squares, on the hottest day of the year, and made the audience love them.We started with a few people […]

This week I’m interviewing Michael Kimball as part of his blog tour for Dear Everybody, a novel with a fascinating structure. I’m not actually going to talk much about the novel, because Michael’s answers to my questions illuminate so much of the work, and the way that he created it, that I don’t think you […]

Ren, Kay and Carmel all have news … It’s not every month that all three of my tripartite writing elements have good news to share, so forgive me if I sound a bit full of myself. Starting with Ren Holton, who has a story in Robots Beyond published by Permuted Press. Ren had a great […]

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Writing and Life What I’m doing next week: interviewing Michael Kimball about Dear Everybody a fascinating novel in letters. Michael’s on tour: Mon 13th *Me & My Big Mouth* Weds15th *Dogmatika* Fri 17th *The View From Here* Sat 18th *3AM * Sun 19th *Lizzy’s Literary* Life Mon 20th *Digital Fiction* […]

The kind of criticism every writer needs After a great day’s workshopping in Oxford, I was quite surprised to get my ‘free read’ from The Literary Consultancy this morning, because I had more or less forgotten about it. Actually, to speak completely accurately, I remembered it on Thursday, and then forget it totally in the […]

When life gives you lemons … … make lemonade. When life gives you workshoppers … workshop! Friday was an absolute blast. Yes, for those who care, I wore the red boots and the Armani red-stripe shirt. Yes, I did throw up for three days before hand, and didn’t sleep properly the whole of the previous […]

Judging books by covers and publishers by … covers Okay, so this isn’t what I was going to write about either, but as it’s been the leitmotif of the last seven days or so, it’s what’s in the front of my mind. I’ve been emailing to and fro with a writer of my acquaintance whose […]

Short Story Collection review: The Last Stand of the Apache and the Valedictorian Louis Catron was one of the first people I ‘met’ at the online writing workshop: Zoetrope. It was a fortunate meeting for me, as many other people who enter these online venues find themselves trolled and bedevilled into giving up their participation, […]