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Challenges for writers I have signed up for Janathon. It’s a challenge that runs through the month of January (hence Jan) and is based on running (as in (mar)athon) therefore Janathon. Those who undertake the challenge will try to run, or take some other form of exercise, every day for a month, and blog about […]

Doing things that terrify you Once you become a writer, once you have a certain degree of ‘success’ (note the inverted commas, because they are important), you start to relax a bit. You begin to believe that you know where you’re going, that your writing muscles are going not only to get you through the […]

Cracking on What inspires you to write? Is it the words, the idea, the characters in your head? Deadlines? Competitions? A stunning first line? Wanting to earn money? Okay, that last one is silly, forget I said it. You’d be better off getting a paper round, as everybody knows, than trying to make a career […]