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Clairefontaine I wasn’t going to post again until after Christmas, being somewhat in the doldrums, but yesterday I went shopping in Brighton and came home with a Clairefontaine notebook – buff faux leather cover, (that’s buff as in hue, for Americans who think I think my notebook has a sexy body) stitched pages, ruled … […]

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Winter solstice Should be loads of inspiring things to say today, but in fact I’m just hacked off. Talented friends are being disappointed in their literary careers, (me too), it’s been dark since 2pm, and I have a migraine. Upbeat service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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When can we say no? I’ve just lost what could have been a friend. I’ll never know, because he has gone off in a huff, but I still feel justified in what I did – in fact, I wish I’d been braver than I was. This is what I wish I’d said. Dear X No, […]

Better days … My Indian sweets arrived – the pera are wonderful but I haven’t opened the others yet so the photo will have to wait, if I dared to unseal all the boxes now I would have stuffed myself stupid by evening, and I have to go out to dinner tonight (pooh! Business, who […]

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Things I hate: Small women in big 4x4s who stop in the middle of narrow streets to hold conversations with friends on the pavement in Lewes Newhaven Driving in rain Non-writing days. I think that says it all really. Tomorrow I am going to write all day, pausing only to answer the door to the […]

What a writer needs for Christmas – indomitability Charlie Williams and I might not be expected to have a lot in common, but on two things we agree. Browsing his blog, which is a bit like drinking snakebite in the saloon bar of an East End pub while a grudge euchre match is being played, […]

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Bling writing I’ve rejected a couple of examples of this recently, as an editor, and I think it’s both a growing trend and a sign of immaturity in the writer’s psyche. I’d define bling writing as the process of throwing brilliant effects at a story until it scintillates like a disco ball. Some writers are […]

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Thirty minutes, mark the page I once knew a journalist who taught me the one thing that has been the most value to me in my writing career. He didn’t know he was instructing a future writer – at the time I was a barmaid and he drank every day in the pub I worked […]

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What do you wear to write? After yesterday’s deluge of responses – and boy, aren’t we all different – I wanted to explore another subject. I know writers who say their main work-related pleasure is that they can schlep around in a dressing gown all day. I can’t. To write, I have to be properly […]

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A Room without a View Where do you write? My PC monitor faces a blank corner of the room, not a single picture or postcard alleviates this boring view and to see out of the window I have to turn through nearly 360 degrees. I’m not one of those writers who can cope with distraction […]