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Things I hate:

  • Small women in big 4x4s who stop in the middle of narrow streets to hold conversations with friends on the pavement in Lewes
  • Newhaven
  • Driving in rain
  • Non-writing days.

I think that says it all really.

Tomorrow I am going to write all day, pausing only to answer the door to the man who is going to deliver 1.5 kilos of peras, barfis and jelabis.

Indian sweets are the best kept secret in confectionary – I’m addicted to them and would trade all my chocolate for one really good pera or a jelabi dripping syrup. I like laddoos too, and jamuns, but even I can’t order more than a kilo and half of sweets in one go.

So tomorrow will be a better day. Normal service will be resumed. Or I’ll be so stuffed with peras that I won’t notice that I’ve forgotten to blog. Either way, I’ll be happier than I am today. I may even photograph my sweets so you can drool over my luck.

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