Absence much lamented (by me!) I’ve just got back from having a hot stone massage – it was truly relaxing (apart from the corrugated mark on my forehead where it was resting on a towel and which looks absurdly like somebody tried to strangle the top of my head with a very thick rope) and […]

What writers need and what they want (again) So the things that I want are an iPhone, so that I can download the Ether Books app, not because I have stories on it (although I do) but because, having seen it, I would love to have essays and stories downloaded to my mobile that way […]

Why writers need technology Here’s the thing – I’ve had a story published! Yippee and all that. Well, more than one story actually. I’m tempted to use the term several in relation to the number, which is something that as a beginning writer I could never have imagined. Who could ever say, airily, ‘Oh, I’ve […]