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Oh lord and blithering hell – where did the last six weeks go? I’d love to say that I’d been thrashing out some fabulous new piece of novel length fiction but I haven’t. I have been wading through the setting concrete of the umpteenth rewrite of my novel, but that’s not news, in fact it’s […]

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Janathon Day 23 – the ’squeezed into the day’ run Today is another day that my run got squeezed. In fact at around 6pm I thought I was going to have to declare it a non-running day. We started by going to a local garden centre to buy seed potatoes. Then to the allotment to […]

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Day 15 – non-running but high impact exercise day So I gave myself a day off running. Not a day off, just off running. And there were three reasons for this: 1. Yesterday’s mmmph was a sign that I’m getting bored. Boredom has killed the runner in me many a time and I don’t want […]

Interdisciplinarity (or doing what you want and getting away with it)You are probably getting the idea by now that I didn’t expect to launch myself on the world in book-length prose, by writing about allotments. The fact that I am is a source of constant confusion and amusement to me. I had thought this confused […]