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Getting over your writing self Most of the time it seems to me that being a writer is mainly a process of getting over yourself. It’s about getting your ego out of the way, and getting on with the job, or as Borges put it, knowing that “A writer should have another lifetime to see […]

Willesden Herald finale People keep emailing me, and even calling, to ask if I’m okay. Guys, I appreciate your support, but actually I’m great! There’s a great line in Cool Runnings (the film that is a ‘sort of’ recreation of the true story of the genesis of the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team) where the team captain […]

Anyone for £5,000? The only problem is, to get it you have to win The Willesden Herald International Short Story Prize 2008Judged by Zadie Smith Go on, you know you want to! And here’s all the gubbins you need to get your entry sorted out: Closing date for receipt of entries: 21 December 2007. The […]

If you want to be a writer … Focus on new opportunities. Every so often a writer gets to hear about some new publishing initiative – most of them remain just that, ‘things you get to hear about’ because the hard work and determination required to get even the smallest literary project off the ground […]