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My absence has been noted And I apologise to people who emailed me and asked if I was dead (no, but thanks for your generous enquiries anyway) or had writer’s block. Do I detect a touch of schadenfreude in those questions? Anyway, it’s not exactly writer’s block either. It’s workshop season. For some reason my […]

Minor neurosis emerging Today has been pen quest day. Pen quest is one of those slight but aggravating signs of obsessive/compulsive behaviour that I try to hide from people, especially other writers. My neuroses are—as you know—rare. You might think I’m protesting a bit too much. You’d be right. I am a touch neurotic about […]

Reading, performing or appearing? What do you do if you have to read your work aloud? I am a performer, rather than a reader, but I know many writers (possibly more self-confident and well-balanced writers) who simply read. And there are those few, those stunning souls of coruscating intellect, charm or whatever, who ‘appear’. What […]

How do you feel about easy money? I know that your immediate answer is ‘fine’ or even ‘where can I get me some?’ but seriously, if you’re a writer, stop and think. Do you really believe in easy money? Do you genuinely, deep down, think that if it only took an hour to write, you […]