October – a writing Indian summer? Right, final reminder for Fear of the Dark – should be a night to remember! Tickets are £5 or £4 for concessions available on the night or in advance from the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton or fearofthedark.eventbrite.com Apart from that, I’m suddenly full speed ahead on Year of the Ladybird […]

Too many (or two many) things to write about So, first and foremost – I’m taking part in an excellent event, called Fear of the Dark, organised by the lovely James Burt. He’s put together some information about the event, and I can’t do better than give it to you verbatim (as it were): Fear […]

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Why writers need help (and where to find some) Back in the day, when I used to coach writers (before I discovered that coaching and writing were inimical, so if I coached, I didn’t write!) it came as no surprise to me that the main problems that writers had were not with their writing. They […]

NaNoWriMo approaches … Sadly I won’t be doing National Novel Writing Month this year, I’ve just got too much on. But I did complete it for four years and was Brighton (and Hove actually) coordinator for three of them. If you want to write a novel but aren’t sure if you can, especially if you’ve […]

Catching up Those who know me best don’t want to know any of my writing news, they are only interested in the kittens! Toulouse and Montpellier arrived on Tuesday and are doing their best to destroy the house, my patience and the dogs’ nerve in about that order. Other things have been happening that are […]