Why your story didn’t win that themed entry writing contest Influenza is a funny thing. I had a little bit of it over the Christmas holidays, just enough to cause me to stay in bed for a day or so. My family members all had it to the ‘shoot me now’ level. And while I […]

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Contests – again … It must be contest season – I’m judging/reading for or have judged/read for three in the past two months. Some things bear repeating: Theme contests require you to submit a story that RELATES to the set theme – not one that you wrote a year ago and haven’t placed Everywhere I’ve […]

Contests It’s one of those months. I’m reading two lots of slush, one for a themed contest and one for a high literary publication that seems unable to hang onto slushpile readers – and I’m reading for Her Circle, as I do all year round, and finally I’m working through a batch of novel synopses […]