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Fannying Around on the Far Side* This is how I think of times like this: fannying around on the Far Side – where nothing is quite real and conversations are utterly surreal and while nothing much happens, the not-happening seems fraught with portent and nasty things with lots of legs hiding in wardrobes and just […]

“We interrupt this broadcast … to promote ourselves to you.” So I’ve put together a course that explains how to boost your income in troubled financial times, including ten sure-fire ways to make money from your writing skills in the short term. It also aims to help you prepare for economic recovery including such subjects […]

Grab bag of writerly thoughts – some neurotic This week I’m not organised, for reasons I am unwilling to share just now. So instead, I offer you a series of things that have been puzzling, fascinating or disturbing me during my writing week: • The hardcover issue – a mate has just been offered a […]

How to move on This week I taught my last session for the two Brighton and Hove writing groups: The Hatchery and Comedy of Errors. It was lovely to spend a last hour with them, and then say goodbye. But that reminded me of Alison. When I was eleven I wanted to be a ballerina […]

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Writing, teaching, writing I wonder if other writers find that their own writing comes to a complete stop if they are teaching? Mine certainly does. I was facilitating Hove Library’s two writing groups on 5 and 12 July and from about 3 July until this morning I wrote not a work that wasn’t reports or […]

We interrupt our normal schedule … To tell you that 41 people turned up for the creative writing group in Hove Library today. 41! Forty-one! FORTY-ONE! That’s amazing. It also meant that five people got turned away, because we couldn’t physically fit anybody else in the room, not even standing up. And all 41 of […]

Writing About Sex (taught by me!) Be it a work of erotic literature, or a scene in a murder mystery, writing about sex can be fraught with fear and inhibitions. Kay Sexton presents an intensive five session evening course on how to master the genres – from the simply sensual to the downright dirty! Kay […]