How do you feel about easy money? I know that your immediate answer is ‘fine’ or even ‘where can I get me some?’ but seriously, if you’re a writer, stop and think. Do you really believe in easy money? Do you genuinely, deep down, think that if it only took an hour to write, you […]

Readers who rock and bi-polar editors Yes, as if you didn’t already know it, you’re a great bunch. Emails and comments, all advising and supporting me in my dilemma, have made the past few days a real joy. Perhaps it’s the isolation of writing for a living that makes such (relatively) small problems loom so […]

Business is Business … Or is it? Three recent experiences make me wonder. The first: I had to hand back a piece of rush editing to a client. I thought, no, I was 95% certain, I could get the work done on time, but I was having pestiferous broadband problems and I wasn’t utterly, utterly […]