Why your novel, beautiful as it is, will never get published …• Procrastination is the thief of time • The best drives out the good • You are a writer – so write, damn you! These three sentences rotate on the corkboard above my computer. They are written on three post-it pads, which are pinned […]

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Better It is better to have dial-up than nothing, but better still to have broadband! Which, somewhat precariously, I do have again. On the plus side, the loss of internet access for six days means that I now sit down at my computer with a small pean of praise ringing in my head for the […]

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Thirty minutes, mark the page I once knew a journalist who taught me the one thing that has been the most value to me in my writing career. He didn’t know he was instructing a future writer – at the time I was a barmaid and he drank every day in the pub I worked […]

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A Room without a View Where do you write? My PC monitor faces a blank corner of the room, not a single picture or postcard alleviates this boring view and to see out of the window I have to turn through nearly 360 degrees. I’m not one of those writers who can cope with distraction […]