Janathon Day 6 – chocolate is my fuel of choice Today’s blog is brought to you by Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Milk Chocolate Costa Rica Coffee, all 100 grams of it! Yes, I eat therefore I run. It’s always been that way for me. Not necessarily running, but something aerobic. And I’ve never, ever, been […]

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Janathon Day 5 – the bad karma day An old running friend rings me. Her: I saw your blog about runners and masochism. Me: Good. The point of writing is for somebody else to read it. Silence Her: Oh. Right … So … I liked it a lot. Me, graciously: Thank you. Her, apprehensively: But… […]

These are better days …Largely thanks to Montezuma’s chocolate (their dried banana and milk chocolate turtles appear to have a wonderful effect on my mood), good friends and running. Okay, the good friends bit – thanks to everyone who emailed or posted comments. Knowing that all writers (or all creative types generally) have these wheel-spinning […]