These are better days …
Largely thanks to Montezuma’s chocolate (their dried banana and milk chocolate turtles appear to have a wonderful effect on my mood), good friends and running.

Okay, the good friends bit – thanks to everyone who emailed or posted comments. Knowing that all writers (or all creative types generally) have these wheel-spinning periods can be tremendously helpful in getting through. I’m making a list of everybody who offered to buy me a latte – you have been warned! But the best boost is when a mate gets a boost that they share with you, and so, from Publisher’s Marketplace: ‘Author of the NYT bestseller WAKE Lisa McMann’s next paranormal stand-alone, again to Jennifer Klonsky at Simon Pulse, for publication in spring 2011, by Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (World).’

I’ve known Lisa McMann since I first started writing, more or less. I can attest to her talent and generosity of spirit, and her first YA – Wake – was an absolute blast. I loved it, and I’m not a natural YA reader – the series is getting better as it goes along, and Fade is hitting the bookshelves this week, so if you want to write for young adults, or enjoy young adult fiction, grab a copy and see how a truly gifted writer does it! Her tour dates are here if you’re in the USA – and she’s shipping signed copies too.

Running also helps. Like many writers I find that I write better if I exercise, but this weather can make it a bloody misery to run and leave me as a bloody misery if I don’t. The compromise position is to run at the gym, but I hate gyms. So I bought a treadmill. Not one of those electric gizmos, but just a big caterpillar track that rolls away under your feet so that you push it round yourself – it’s astonishingly hard work, but being able to run while watching Hot Fuzz or Blazing Saddles is great.

And writing is the best way to beat fannying around, of course …


Addendum – those great people I was talking about – add to their list Adam Lowe, nicest of editors and most generous of networkers. He’s given me a grain of gold that I’m about to try and turn into a whole damn golden vista … cheers, Adam!


  1. Lisa McMann
    9th February 2009

    Thank you for the lovely mention, Kay! You are a dear friend!


  2. Beth Fehlbaum, Author
    9th February 2009

    Yay for chocolate and running! Awesome combo! I know what you mean about the struggles with writing.
    Beth Fehlbaum, author
    Courage in Patience, a story of HOPE..
    Ch. 1 is online!

  3. Kip de Moll
    10th February 2009

    Well, I’ve learned by experience a new english word: fannying. I had your last post up on my screen for two days, wanting to send you encouragement. Instead, I relished your encouragement of my story and fannyed (fannied?) about with my own dilemma’s until I missed that chance for a cross the pond latte.

    The wonderful thing is those moments move on and we all come back so bright, cheerful and inspired.

    Oh, and I’ve given up coffee for tea, anyway…falling alseep now…

  4. Elisabeth Ingram
    22nd February 2009

    That treadmill sounds good. I need one!

    Great blog!


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