Burlesque – more fun than sex? Well no, not exactly, but definitely a lot of fun. I’ve never read as Carmel before and probably never will again, but this was the best of good causes: Burlesque Against Breast Cancer, with all the proceeds going to charity. The anthology is Ultimate Burlesque if the comments below […]

Reading worries Yes, I’ve gone very quiet. No, I haven’t died, nor won the lottery. Actually I’ve had migraine. For some reason as yet unclear, I get sequential migraine – three in a row, a day or a day and a half apart, which wipes me out for a week or so. Weird. Anyway, apart […]

Carmel gets her way As regular readers will know, I have a tripartite writing personality: Kay Sexton writes literary fiction, Ren Holton writes science fiction and a bit of horror and Carmel Lockyer writes erotica. Carmel’s been having a good couple of months on the quiet: a story accepted by Forum, another by Scarlet, one […]