Hubris, gratefulness, politesse? I’ve spent a couple of days now, staring at the little heap of my books that was delivered on Monday. They stare back. I am paralysed by knowing what it is good, or fair, or right to do in this situation. I am sending books to people who have been instrumental in […]

Dinner party writers Following on from an excellent suggestion at Nik Perring’s blog and because food is still much on my mind (which would you prefer, dear reader, a recipe for purple-sprouting broccoli hash or a recipe for slow-cooked potatoes and mushrooms? These are the questions that currently torment me) I thought rather than recommend […]

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And the glorious A.L. Kennedy shares her own experience of the Moniack Mohr course here! I’d love to pretend she wrote this as a response to my humble journaling on the subject but no … it’s just a coincidence. And I’m sure the rogue apostrophe in the last sentence is a typo … What interested […]

Writing courses I did threaten you with this – the literary version of ‘What I did on my Holidays’! Here it is, five days on an Arvon course for your delectation and delight … Day 1 I arrived at Moniack Mohr (MM) with the hangovery feeling of somebody who hasn’t slept and the low grade […]

Tough love for writers You give it, and you get it. Since Saturday’s group meeting I’ve given tough love (otherwise known as harsh critique) to three writers – two of whom sucked it up with great grit and thanked me. Haven’t heard back from the third yet! And I’ve got it. My screenplay is being […]