These are better days …Largely thanks to Montezuma’s chocolate (their dried banana and milk chocolate turtles appear to have a wonderful effect on my mood), good friends and running. Okay, the good friends bit – thanks to everyone who emailed or posted comments. Knowing that all writers (or all creative types generally) have these wheel-spinning […]

Why Writers Hate Boilers (and other distractions) There’s a problem with our boiler. It keeps cutting out surreptitiously, leaving a cold house and a disturbing smell of gas that can’t be traced. As a stay-at-home, full-time, writer, I’m the recipient or the endurer of this process and it is simply, honestly, categorically, driving me insane. […]

What will you do when you can’t write? It’s a question that people rarely stop to consider when they are thinking of a career as a writer. “I’ve always wanted to write,” they say and, “It’s been my dream since I can remember.” All well and good. But there will be plenty of times, some […]

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Life does not imitate art So this is my day. Last night (week two of the radio play course) fascinating, rewarding, so much to understand and learn and me definitely with the most to learn as all the other students seem to have much more dramatic experience than me. Hit the bed with ideas for […]

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Things I hate: Small women in big 4x4s who stop in the middle of narrow streets to hold conversations with friends on the pavement in Lewes Newhaven Driving in rain Non-writing days. I think that says it all really. Tomorrow I am going to write all day, pausing only to answer the door to the […]