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Honesty in Writing There are things we’d all rather not remember, and certainly don’t want to find ourselves writing about: our sad childhoods or pathetic teenage years, our failed marriages or disastrous career experiences. And there’s no reason, unless we particularly desire to produce a misery memoir, or are writing for self-development purposes, that we […]

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Erotic Writing – the course Last night was the first night of the five week course, which has a couple of week’s break in the middle for Easter and stuff. I have five truly awesome students and we are meeting in a quite unbelievably kitsch hotel. Only in Brighton … Next week I hope to […]

Writing About Sex (taught by me!) Be it a work of erotic literature, or a scene in a murder mystery, writing about sex can be fraught with fear and inhibitions. Kay Sexton presents an intensive five session evening course on how to master the genres – from the simply sensual to the downright dirty! Kay […]

Sex – or not – as the case may be I’ve had that sniffy conversation again. The one where a ‘real’ writer turns to me and says, ‘Don’t you feel demeaned, writing erotica?’ Well no, actually. Let’s see: 1 – It’s fun2 – It’s lucrative3 – I get to meet some wonderful people who take […]