Janathon Day 7 – the demotivation Dalek strikes Motivation was a problem today. This couldn’t get me out of the door, even though I wasn’t going to let myself eat it until I got home – it’s a Hotel Chocolat 5-second Chilli and it was delicious although, if I’m being totally honest, I think the […]

Literary hubris, squared It is hubristic to start thinking about your next book when you haven’t heard back from your editor about the first one. It is hubristic to make a pudding to take to your friend’s house when you have a secret agenda of road-testing said pudding for the book that you shouldn’t even […]

Dinner party writers Following on from an excellent suggestion at Nik Perring’s blog and because food is still much on my mind (which would you prefer, dear reader, a recipe for purple-sprouting broccoli hash or a recipe for slow-cooked potatoes and mushrooms? These are the questions that currently torment me) I thought rather than recommend […]

Why writers need technology Here’s the thing – I’ve had a story published! Yippee and all that. Well, more than one story actually. I’m tempted to use the term several in relation to the number, which is something that as a beginning writer I could never have imagined. Who could ever say, airily, ‘Oh, I’ve […]

Why success changes writers Okay, first define success. Is it a success to have been long-listed for the Sunday Times EFG competition? Shortlisted for the Willesden Herald when it was still a £5,000 prize? Runner up in the Guardian flash fiction comp which brought nothing but glory (and precious little of that)? Yes. And I’ll […]

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Me and him and Hilary Mantel A writer rang me today to ask why I was giving away all these free critiques. Didn’t I know I was undermining the work of professional editors and writing teachers? Wasn’t I creating a culture of dependency on myself? And who was I, anyway, to think my comments any […]