Grab bag of writerly thoughts – some neurotic This week I’m not organised, for reasons I am unwilling to share just now. So instead, I offer you a series of things that have been puzzling, fascinating or disturbing me during my writing week: • The hardcover issue – a mate has just been offered a […]

Tough love for writers You give it, and you get it. Since Saturday’s group meeting I’ve given tough love (otherwise known as harsh critique) to three writers – two of whom sucked it up with great grit and thanked me. Haven’t heard back from the third yet! And I’ve got it. My screenplay is being […]

Two things, information and a rant First the good stuff, Shaun Levin, excellent writer and tutor, is giving a course via New Writing South on Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 June. It’s called Making a Living for Writers and it’s geared towards writers looking to increase their income from arts-based activities: residencies, workshops, exhibitions, etc. […]

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Going out – it’s the new staying in For this writer, at least. I try to stay away from the strictly personal in this blog, sharing J A Konrath’s view that for a blog to be useful, it should contain personal experience only where it’s useful to the reader, but on this issue, I feel […]