Willesden Herald finale People keep emailing me, and even calling, to ask if I’m okay. Guys, I appreciate your support, but actually I’m great! There’s a great line in Cool Runnings (the film that is a ‘sort of’ recreation of the true story of the genesis of the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team) where the team captain […]

Willesden Herald Following the interesting developments in the Willesden judging, I feel I should post again, to put my viewpoint. Yes I was one of the infamous ten who ‘were not good enough’. For those who haven’t followed the story, ten of us were short-listed, but nobody won. There won’t be an anthology and nobody […]

Anyone for £5,000? The only problem is, to get it you have to win The Willesden Herald International Short Story Prize 2008Judged by Zadie Smith Go on, you know you want to! And here’s all the gubbins you need to get your entry sorted out: Closing date for receipt of entries: 21 December 2007. The […]