Waxwings by Johnathan Raban My review rating: 3 of 5 starsThis was the first time I’ve read anything by Raban and on the basis of this book I will be going back for more – and better prepared this time! There are no spoilers here, don’t worry, but the book – especially its blurb – […]

Strategy (and tactics) for fiction writers I spend a lot of time coaxing (and coaching) writers into becoming prolific submitters of work (which, of course, requires them to be prolific writers – a useful by-product) and use my own record as an example of what a half-way competent but commited writer can achieve. This is […]

How was 2006 for you? In the spirit of transparency, here’s how it was for me – as a fiction writer, rather than as a fully rounded human being. Lots of wonderful, terrible, and mundane things happened to the human being, but this is simply the writer’s year: Submissions – 181 (112 still outstanding) Print […]