Blimey – book launch! Yes, I’m still panicking. I do now have something to wear – a 1950’s sheath dress with an abstract fruit and vegetable print, plus some rather cute green leather shoes with floral buckles. • I do have wine – donated by the awesome Ali of Barefoot Wines who is coming along […]

Anthology Launch I really like this Hand of Fatimah style imagery, although I can barely read a word it says. It’s the launch of Tell Tales 4 – The Global Village, in case you can’t make it out either. Sadly I can’t be there, even though I’m in the antho (I know my name doesn’t […]

Two Tall Tales and One Short Novel The first reading, at Foyles, went amazingly well! My fellow novella-ists (hideous coinage, I know) turned out to be accomplished readers and it was a pleasure to listen to them. The audience – dare I say crowd? – was supportive, charming and purchased lots of books, and it […]

Book Launches – beware, I’m biting back! This is Clotilde Desoulier, blogger and author of Chocolate & Zucchini, at her London book launch at the French Institute. I have been reading her excellent blog of the same name as the book for a couple of years, partly because I love to cook, and partly out […]

Nick, Ed and Me – or why I wish the book industry could be more like the film industry You either know it or you don’t but this is a prime photograph – it shows Nick Frost and Edgar Wright; co-star and co-director/writer respectively of Hot Fuzz. I do have a picture of Simon Pegg […]