Book launches and how to survive them I wasn’t really looking forward to my book launch. There were aspects of it that were wonderful to anticipate: seeing some people I really love, eating some delicious chutney (Smy chutney, not my own home-made stuff) and enjoying some wonderful cheeses. There were some last minute surprises of […]

Blimey – book launch! Yes, I’m still panicking. I do now have something to wear – a 1950’s sheath dress with an abstract fruit and vegetable print, plus some rather cute green leather shoes with floral buckles. • I do have wine – donated by the awesome Ali of Barefoot Wines who is coming along […]

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Radio Adventures This is what a radio studio looks like. If you are likely to be on t’radio, it’s a good idea to take a bottle of water so you can moisten your throat, to have a few key words written down so you can remember them (like the names of the people you are […]

Hubris, gratefulness, politesse? I’ve spent a couple of days now, staring at the little heap of my books that was delivered on Monday. They stare back. I am paralysed by knowing what it is good, or fair, or right to do in this situation. I am sending books to people who have been instrumental in […]