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Radio Adventures

This is what a radio studio looks like.

If you are likely to be on t’radio, it’s a good idea to take a bottle of water so you can moisten your throat, to have a few key words written down so you can remember them (like the names of the people you are speaking to, sounds daft but that can go right out of your head) and to wear really comfortable shoes!I also had a little pot of Hotel Chocolate morsels, almonds and dried cherries, to keep me going, and a copy of my book, just in case anybody wanted to query anything I’d written.

My thanks to: Stuart at Radio Northampton, Sean at Radio Merseyside, Liz at Radio Cambridge, Stuart at Radio Stoke, Mike at Radio Hereford and Worcester, Simon at Radio Newcastle, Mark at Radio Wiltshire, Malcolm at Radio Oxford, Phil at Radio Humberside, Fitz at Radio Devon who made me giggle, Heather at Radio Manchester, David at Radio Gloucestershire, Andy the keen allotment holder who’s just had to give up his plot at Radio Kent, Rony at Radio Sheffield, the lovely and totally unexpected last minute intervew with Ellie at Radio York and last, but not least, the charming allotment sceptic Sarah on Radio Sussex. To Yanina who calmed my nerves and made me a fantastic cup of tea just when I needed it, my eternal gratitude, and to Dean and the team at Summersdale for creating the buzz that made the interviews happen, much, much kudos!

And to anybody who was hoping to hear me speak in the next 24 hours – I don’t have much of a voice left!


  1. Rebecca Emin
    7th March 2011

    Wow, Kay, I am so impressed!! Go you!! And congratulations on your publication, it must be so exciting.

  2. suzanne rosenwasser
    7th March 2011

    How terrific. Is there a link to the radio piece? Cheers!

  3. Kay Sexton
    7th March 2011

    Thanks Rebecca and thanks Suzanne.

    There almost certainly is a link, somewhere, to at least one of the pieces (I did 15!) but I have found that the best way for me to enjoy doing this kind of thing is not to listen to myself having done it. That way my illusions remain intact!

  4. Nahno McLein
    7th March 2011

    Are you going to Radio Leicester as well, because I would tune in if you let me know in advance.

    Interesting to see a desk- and it’s not for writing.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  5. Kay Sexton
    15th March 2011

    Nahno – I did, but it was recorded and I have no idea if/when it went out!


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