Reading, performing or appearing? What do you do if you have to read your work aloud? I am a performer, rather than a reader, but I know many writers (possibly more self-confident and well-balanced writers) who simply read. And there are those few, those stunning souls of coruscating intellect, charm or whatever, who ‘appear’. What […]

Burlesque – more fun than sex? Well no, not exactly, but definitely a lot of fun. I’ve never read as Carmel before and probably never will again, but this was the best of good causes: Burlesque Against Breast Cancer, with all the proceeds going to charity. The anthology is Ultimate Burlesque if the comments below […]

Strange, serious and sundry success Strange and serious went hand-in-hand on the day I met fellow writer Jo Horsman in Brighton for coffee. The serious bit was the wide-ranging discussion about all things writerly, and the strange was the passer-by who was taking his corn snake for a walk through the middle of town … […]